Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Cookbook

Cooking is not my forte.  It has been a long road from the first piece of soggy toast I made Kellan, to making my first pot roast with all the fixings in the crock pot.  I heard of this idea from a friend and loved it.  I thought it was really sweet and would have loved this myself.  She said for her wedding her mom gave her a cookbook of all their favorite family recipes.  I thought to myself, "how great would it be to have recipes ready to go that we know are tried and true and from our family?"

So cut to me trying to figure out how to cook and writing down my successes as a wife and kicking my failures under the fridge.  Each recipe I try if Kellan and I like it we put it in the cookbook, if it is a wash we forget it ever happened.  That's fair right?  When my daughter (or if I only have sons, daughter-in-love) gets married she will get a cookbook full of recipes from our family.  That way when she goes through this same process of trying this cooking nonsense, she can have family recipes that are delicious   I am also including tips and tricks I figure out myself along the way.  Here is cookbook #1 being worked on:

Hopefully by the time all this happens I'll have cookbooks full that they can begin to use in their new lives together.  I know this may be a tad bit early to be thinking about this, but I'd rather work on this as I go versus being 50 and trying to remember how I made everything.

With Love,

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