Monday, January 6, 2014

Change it Up

As the new year has come and gone, I've been reflecting a lot on things I've accomplished.  One thing I haven't ever been lucky with accomplishing is a healthy lifestyle.  It has always been so hard for me to stay on track with being active and eating right.  This year I'm going to once again attempt to change my lifestyle.  This is not to say I won't eat anything I love, because lets face it, if I deprive myself it is only a matter of time before I forget the whole thing all together.

 Today I ate normally, however the one thing I did differently, even though I'm exhausted, is I exercised for 30 minutes.  Now I know this may seem like nothing, but for me it was a big step.  I can always justify "doing it later" but in actuality I never do. Tonight I made one of the biggest steps, which was actually being active.  I think everyone has certain things that work for them, like running.  To be honest I despise running. So for now that won't be a part of my exercise routine.  I do love to dance, so I made that part of my exercise routine tonight.  I need to change it up because if I don't I'll get bored so easily and give up.

Hopefully I can keep this up.  I think if I allow myself to eat things I love in moderation, not kick myself if I miss a day of being active etc. I'll be alright.  We shall see!

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