Monday, November 17, 2014

Maintaining...sort of

Well it sure has been awhile.  I must say, I love reading other people's blogs, but when it comes to my own, I am not doing so well!  Regardless, I just wanted to write an update as to how things have been progressing in my life.

This summer was very difficult but great all at the same time.  What made it difficult was having NOTHING to do every. single. day.  Now some people may be like, stop whining, but for me I love being active and busy.  So having my days filled with nothing became extremely tedious.  Another issue I had this summer was my eating.  While my working out never faltered, my eating sure did.  Since May I have been struggling with my eating.  I've got to the point where I was so sick of stressing about every calorie going in my mouth, and just wanted to relax.  With that being said,  the scale is constantly moving up and down, up and down. I like the fact that I am not so strict about tracking every morsel, because lets face it, I was mean.  However, I am not able to find a good balance either.  Right now I am working on the 80/20 rule of eating.  80% of the time eating right, and 20% of the time indulging.  So thats that.

School this year has been amazing!  While I still have a ton to learn, I feel like this year things are really clicking for me.  I've been able to put stars by more lessons that went well and I would like to repeat in years to come.  

Jack and Alphie are doing so great.  They are truly the best of friends and it warms my little cat loving heart!  Right now they are cuddled on the couch, Alphie's arm around Jack, just snoozing away.  They constantly are together.  Another great perk of adopting our second cat, is Alphie has lost so much weight!  He has go this little ball of energy keeping him moving all the time!

That is about all that has been going on since summer.  Hopefully I can update my blog more frequently because I always enjoy going back and reading what I've written!

Happy Monday!

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