Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weigh In and What's Cooking?!

Yesterday was weigh in and to be honest I'm a little confused.  The first time I weighed, the scale said I only lost 2 pounds (which is totally cool by me since we are still heading in the right direction) but then I weighed a few more times- ya know just to be sure ;) and it said I lost 3 pounds.  So I'm not really sure which one is accurate.  Regardless, the weight is still coming off which is great!  I'm going to go with the 3 pounds for obvious reasons, but I wonder if the way I look at the scale, or shifting my weight is causing the problem.  I'll have to look it up and see what I may be doing wrong.  Anyway I'm still happy because the weight is still coming off!

For this blog post I wanted to focus on a few of my favorite healthy meals.  Eating healthy during the day is a cinch, it is at dinner time or on the weekends where I am getting stuck finding healthy recipes that are yummy as well.

This first meal is a family favorite, Baked Zucchini!  My husband and I love it.  Plus it is super filling, healthy, but most importantly delicious!  Used to we had salad and bread with this meal, but recently we just have this and salad since I tried to cut out a lot of my bread intake.

The next meal we've come to love is Tuna Stuffed Avocado.  At first this sounded gross to me, but the end result was very filling and again, super delicious!  Lesson learned though, be careful of the cilantro, a little goes a long way :)

The last meal I want to share is a healthy version of Sloppy Joes!  My original intent on my healthy lifestyle change is I still wanted to eat the meals I loved, just in moderation and as healthy as I can get them, this one fit the bill!  Instead of using a whole can of Sloppy Joes mix I only used a cup (which was more than enough) I opted for ground turkey, and took the top part of the bun off.

All of these recipes can be found on my Pinterest board under "Healthy" or "Recipes".  If you notice as well we have stopped using the full size dinner plates and are now using our salad plates to eat meals.  When we used the bigger plates it looked like we were eating nothing which can cause over eating.  However as you can see from above, using the smaller plates fills up the plate with the correct portion of food.

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