Monday, January 20, 2014

6.4 Pounds Down!

At work, we have started the 'Biggest Loser' competition.  While I really wasn't sure about doing it at first, I can say after only two weeks I am SO glad I signed up!  After one week of walking every night, and eating healthy I lost 6.4 pounds!  I also was the biggest loser (never thought I'd be happy about those words) for the week.  Now we are almost done with week two and I'm a little nervous. I've still done good, however, I'm not sure if the pounds will continue to be lost, or if my body was in such shock last week that I lost more than I should have.  I know losing 6 pounds in a week isn't the norm, and I'm not sure what to expect for this coming up week! Plus I'm really competitive and I've enjoyed being number one the first week :)

A lot of people asked me what I was doing to lose the weight.  First, I downloaded the 'Lose it' App on my phone.  I've been counting calories on that and it has helped a lot!  You don't realize how many calories you are really eating in a day unless you see the number.  It is kind of shocking!  Second, all I've drank for the past two weeks is water!  Some coffee, mostly water.  Third, I go power walking everyday.  This is probably my favorite part so far!  It is a nice way to decompress after work and have some quiet time.  I also have been eating 5 small meals a day versus 3.  I try to stack the majority of my calories towards the beginning of the day and have a light dinner.  I also won't eat after 7ish.  So far that is mostly what I've been doing.

The best piece of advice I can give so far is do not deprive yourself.  I refuse to eat lettuce and bland chicken.  Nope, I won't do it.  However I am making smarter choices with the foods I do enjoy.  For example I love me some tacos.  But I only eat the serving size now, and I cook it with ground turkey versus ground beef.  Serving size is a huge factor to weight loss.  I didn't realize you weren't supposed to pack away half a bag of chips in one sitting....Wow who knew :)

Anyways, just wanted to share how it was going so far!  Wednesday is the next weigh in and I'll let you know how it goes from there!

With love,

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